Ducati to present an airbag connected motorcycle

Ducati announced Multistrada 1200 D-air. The motorcycle will be wireless connected to the rider’s jacket.

Ducati states that this is the first motorcycle in the world which is wireless connected to a rider’s jacket. The motorcycle has it’s own systems which provide information about a dangerous situation that leads to a crash. Then, in just 45 miliseconds, the motorcycle is sending a signal to the Dainese D-Air jacket. After that, the airbag deploys and the rider should be protected in the crash.

The product was developed by the engineers at Ducati and Dainese and will be available only in Europe, according to the press announcement. The first Ducati Multistrada 1200 with D-air will bee available in Ducati dealerships form May 2014 onwards.

multistrada 1200

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