Honda NN4 Vultus. A new concept, the same philosophy

Honda revealed 2014 NM4 Vultus Concept. The motorcycle shares the latest Honda philosophy – based on practical stuff – and we could see it soon on the tarmac.

Honda NM4 Vultus looks like a CTX700, but with a bigger engine and some futuristic fairing. In fact, the engine is pretty the same, but bigger – the twin-cilinynder 750 cc – 54 hp – that can be found on the new NC 750 series, and the fairing is bigger. But these are not the only new thing which NM4 Vultus has to offer.


Honda NM4 Vultus has got a dual clutch with provides automatic transmission through the 6 speed gearbox. The first purchase generic clomid clutch handles 1st, 3rd, and 5th gear and the second is in charge of 2nd, 4th and 6th. You can select three riding modes: MT – manual control, operated by some buttons on the handlebar, Automatic D – an eco mode and Automatic S – a more sports oriented mode.

The passenger’s seat can be adjustet as a backrest for the rider. Another new thing is the fairing, which can be used as a 4 liter storage box. And we’ll sure it would be a real pleasure to ride the Honda NM4 Vultus in the night because of the 25 colors available for the dash board.


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