From London to Rio – 24.000 km on a scooter with sidecar

A fan of the British National Football team will go to the World Cup in Brazil, riding a Vespa with sidecar.

Chris Hallet, 44 years old, wants to go through the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, before getting to Rio de Janeiro.

The man gave up his IT career and invested all the money he had in the journey of his life. Travel for which  he did not chose a motorcycle adventure, not even a sport-touring motorcycle, but a scooter sidecar full of luggage.

He could always find a plane to fly to Rio and blowing up his money on cocktails sitting on a sun lounger, waiting for the tournament to start. „But where would be the fun? Instead, I prefer the longest way  from Sheperd’s Bush to Copacabana”, says Chris.


Until the big trip to Rio, londoner trains in Europe. Chris has already travelled around Europe to visit different stadiums. On february 15, he attended to a friendly match in Spain, between England and Spain.

At each stop, he makes a contest with the locals: scooter is used as one of the goalposts, and he’s trying to defend a penalty, letting people lift a replica World Cup trophy if they score. „I just hopes Roy Hodgson has got the England team practising as many penalties as I am facing”, jokes Chris in an interview for Daily Mail.

The purpose of this trip is not only for fun, but also raising some money for Unicef. If you want to follow his adventure or just want to donate, you can follow him on his website

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