Kawasaki KLX150L 2014. An off road upgrade for KLX150

Kawasaki launched a new dual purpose motorcycle. It is based on the KLX150, but is more enduro-oriented.

Kawasaki presents the motorcycle as a dual purpose/all rounder but just a look at it reveals a proper dirt bike. Is got bigger wheels that its sibling (21 – front, 18 – rear) which increase the ground clearance by 50 mm. The wheels are made from aluminum to be lighter and offer a 1.2 kg economy. More than that, the wheels got 36 spokes (instead of 28) in order to pass easily on the terrain obstacles.

By putting larger wheels, Kawasaki need to modify the frame too. So, the length of the swingarm increased by 37 mm, but the turning radius lowered to 2.1 metres.

The engine is a 144 cc single cylinder, which gives 12 hp. It has a 5 speed gearbox and a 7 liters fuel tank. The front suspension travel is 175 mm and the back shock (high pressurized nitrogen) can be adjusted by 5 levels.  It weights 115 kg. It will cost around 3.000 euros and will be available to „selected“ European countries, such as Turkey, Russia or Switzerland.

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