VIDEO: Biker robbed by two armed bandits in Guatemala

A Canadian biker and his girlfriend were robbed by two armed bandits in Guatemala. Video camera mounted on the helmet surprised the whole scene.

Dan Landsborough, a canadian biker riding a Kawasaki KLR650, found himself surrounded by two bandits armed with guns and machetes, while riding his bike alongside his girlfriend on a dirt track in Guatemala.

The robbers stole the jewelry, a bag of money, an iphone and an ipad. “Luckily we had hidden our bank cards, money, and other valuables elsewhere”, said the girl.

“I uploaded this video on YouTube to warn the travelers that goes on these roads. In Guatemala robberies are common, and this place seems to be well known for that. However, we do not want to discourage people from visiting this country. This country is beautiful and it usually has warm and friendly people. We felt safe most of the time”, explains Dan Landsborough.

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