The high tech Vespa. GTS 2015 has traction control, ABS and… USB

The 2015 Vespa GTS gets some technologies usually used on the big bikes. Although ABS became a standard, the traction control technology which will equip the Vespa can’t be seen on many motorcycle.

We don’t know if it has some mean power under the fairing, but it seems that Vespa GTS will have a traction control to manage the 278 cc single cylinder which claims 22 hp at 7500 rpm. And, of course, if it has the traction control it will also have the more common ABS. Both system have sensors on both wheels to prevent the wheel-blocking or the sliding, and that could be very useful on wet paved roads.


And, still, this isn’t the only news. Another technology that will be used on 2015 Vespa GTS is the Enhanced Sliding Suspension. Piaggio claims that this system improves confort. Also, the new GTS will have the so called Vespa Multimedia Platform which connects the scooter to the smartphone and gives you some data about fuel consumption, horsepower, torque and things like that. But the really usefull thing is the USB port through which you can charge your smartphone’s battery.

gts vespa 300
Although it is a high tech machine, it does’nt look so. It has the same „sport classic“ style and you know it’s a Vespa as soon as you see it.

If you’re an European, you can choose among five GTS Models. Super 125 IE, Super 300 IE, GTS 300 IE, GTS Supersport 125 IE and GTS Supersport 300 IE. The latter costs 5.430 euros. In U.S. you can find only the GTS 300 based models. The GTS Supersport 300 costs 6.599 dollars.

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