Marquez signs two-year contract extension with Honda

Honda has extended its deal with Moto GP World Champion Marc Marquez, for another two years. Marquez will be a HRC rider at least until 2016. Still, there are no news about Dani Pedrosa’s deal.

The fact that Marquez chose to stay with the Japanese team (Honda Racing Corporation), comes as no surprise to anybody. In his debut last year, the Spaniard broke many MotoGP records and won the title with the Repsol Honda bike.

Marquez currently tops the standings, having won every single race since the season started, from pole position.

“I’m glad to remain with this special group of people for another two seasons. I had always dreamed about being part of the Repsol Honda Team and, thanks to Honda, the dream came true a year-and-a-half ago. Everything happened very quickly last season and I would have never imagined that I could achieve what we did”, said Marquez, after signed his two-year contract extension.

There are still no news about Dani Predrosa’s deal with Honda Racing Corportation. There have been some rumours in the market that Honda will cut off the deal with Pedrosa after this season. Moreover, it had been said that Suzuki wants him for the 2015 comeback. Still, the HRC officials said last week that Pedrosa will still be a Honda pilot after 2014 season.


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