Honda NM4 Vultus will make European debut at ComicCon London

Honda’s new NM4 Vultus motorcycle will make its public appearance this week-end, in London’s ComicCon convention – expected to attract over 80,000 visitors.

Honda has taken the wraps off its new NM4 Vultus which features a pretty bold and futuristic style looking more like a concept than a production model. The event indicates us that it will not take long until Honda NM4 Vultus will hit the streets.  As for the styling, Honda says the Vultus is “a ground-breaking machine inspired by futuristic machines seen in the anime and manga television and film styles, known collectively as Japanimation.’”


ComicCon visitors will be able to experience a next generation 3D computer-generated virtual reality film, taking the rider through a futuristic “neo-Tokyo” cityscape, using an Oculus headset. Vultus is a kind of CTX 750, with storage in the hulls and automatic gearbox.

The engine is pretty the same, but bigger – the twin-cilinynder 750 cc – 54 hp – that can be found on the new NC 750 series, and the fairing is bigger. But these are not the only new thing which NM4 Vultus has to offer.

Another new thing about the Honda’s futuristic motorcycle is the fairing, which can be used as a 4 liter storage box. The 25 colors available for the dash board will make the Vultus even cooler to ride at night. And for those who want to buy it, the bike comes available only in black, for $10,999


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