Ducati Scrambler 2015. Spy-photos

Seeing a Ducati with a barrel in the rear and an elephant nose in the front is really funny. At least, we think so. These are the most recent Ducati Scramble Spy Shots.

They were online right after the motorcycle was presented to the Bologna factory employees. The embarrassing situation of the Ducati might come as a result of the emissions and noise testing. That real barrel might have a sensor to measure the emissions and the aluminium body might also have a sensor for the noise measurement. As for the „nose“, it should deliver the air to the engine.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the bike itself. The Scrambler is not really a Scrambler. It has cast wheels and it should have laced-up wheels to be a real Scrambler. As for the engine, we have a Ducati V-Twin, but we don’t now it’s capacity yet.

Overall, it looks like a simple and „back to basics“ machine. Let’s hope it won’t be too expensive. The photos were published by asphalt&rubber.

2015-Ducati-Scrambler-testing-spy-photos-03 2015-Ducati-Scrambler-testing-spy-photos-02

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