Hesketh 24. James Hunt spirit

Hesketh revealed its brand new model called, simply, 24. It’s got a 1950 cc V-Twin and it’s inspired by the Formula 1 driver James Hunt.

Hesketh 24 has got an S&S X-wedge V-Twin, which is capable of 125 hp and 140 ft.lb of torque (149 NM). The gearbox has 6 speed and a chain final transmission connects the engine to the wheel.

Hesketh 24 is also fitted with Ohlin suspension system and the frame was built by Racing Innovations.


The café-racer inspired motorcycle is dedicated to James Hunt, the famous F1 driver which fought with Nikki Lauda in the 70s. James was Hesketh Racing’s driver, a team created by lord Hesketh before entering the motorcycle business. So, this bike has the England and Scotland buy fluconazole 200 mg flags at the tail, and the Zandvoort circuit painted on the side.

Hesketh 24 will cost about 35.000 Pounds (44.000 euros) and 11 contracts were already signed.


The Hesketh motorcycle company was founded in 1980 by Lord Hesketh. The first Hesketh motorcycle was V1000, which was the first British bike with four valves per cylinder and twin overhead camshafts. However, there were a lot of problems with the bike. It was too heavy, it had a bad riding style and it was unreliable. The company closed in 1984.

The owner of these day’s Hesketh is Paul Sleeman, who says it wants to keep the same Hesketh spirit and adapt it to 2014 technologies.

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