Cornering ABS for BMW motorcycles. HP4 gets ABS Pro

BMW Motorrad brings out the first cornering ABS for supersport bikes. The option will be retrofittable only for HP4 Superbike for the moment.

The option is tailored for use on public roads, where unespected dangers could lay in the corners you enter at high speed. The ABS Pro prevents the wheels from blocking even at hard braking. Technincally, the system adapts ABS to the motorcycle’s banking angle depending on the situation of the road. It draws on the signal generic nolvadex online from roll rate, yaw rate and transverse acceleration, provided by the sensor cluster already used for the Traction Control and the Dynamic Damping Control.


The ABS Pro is available only in Rain and Sport Modes and cannot be activated in Race and Slick. The option costs about 380 euro.

The BMW Motorrad ABS Pro is not the firs system of its kind. Last year, KTM presented the Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) created by Bosch and developed for 1190 Adventure R.

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