2015 Yamaha R1 spy photos. Rumoured to produce 230 hp

Yamaha R1 2015 was spotted by paparazzi during some track tests. And the rumors of the new Yamaha superbike keep spreading on.

The new Yamaha R1 was spotted by Motorcycle News Australia on Eastern Creek International Speedway. When you see it first, you may think there’s just an old R6. But don’t be fooled. They may be borrowed the R6 fairings, but the engine and the exhaust system show us clearly that it’s an 1.000 cc motorcycle.


First of all, it seems that Yamaha R1 2015 will have an inline 4 engine and not a three-cylinder one, as many hoped. Then, the biggest difference to the actual R1 is that the new model will have a side-mounted zithromax no prescription online exhaust. The bike will be built according to the mass centralization principle, as the R6, BMW S 1000 RR, and many other sport bikes. This will entirely change how the motorcycle is built and Yamaha R1 will no longer be a luxury-oriented sport bike, but a real tough superbike.

More than that, it will have a central air duct as the R6. It is universally accepted that the central air duct is better than a sided-split duct.


It is also said that Yamaha R1 2015 will have 230 hp, electronic suspension system and a much more advanced traction control.

It will probably be revealed in the autumn, at the EICMA or Intermont.

Foto: mcnnews.com.au ?i mcn.com


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