Skully AR-1 enters production. It will cost 1.500$

Skully AR-1 it’s probably the most intelligent motorcycle helmet in the world. But the price is as high as the IQ.

It is the most interesting intelligent motorcycle helmet in the world. Skully AR-1 has got rearview camera, an integrated navigation system, voice control, and, of course, a heads-up display.

Skully AR-1 could be easily connected with any smartphone and the battery has a 9 hours lifetime and can be charged via USB. You can watch a demo video below:

But, as we said earlier, it has a high price tag. If you are outside the US, you should pay around 1.500$. If you are American, you can get Skully AR-1 for 1.400$.

But if you are a billionaire, you can order one of the 4 protoypes for 25.000$ each. You can find out more details from the official Skullysystems website.







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