X132 Hellcat Speedster by Confederate. Straight from the hell

It is not a nice bike. It’s an outrageously beautiful one. X132 Hellcat Speedster is the most recent Confederate creation.

Hellcat Speedster shares the same 2,163 cc (132 cubic inches) V-Twin as the old X132 Hellcat, which is capable of 121 bhp and 140 Foot Pounds of torque.

The Speedster is hand-built in Alabama, USA, and has several aluminium and carbon fiber (the fuel tank) elements.

x132 hellcat speedster (3)

It has also got a 240 mm wide rear tire, a solo seat and WP suspensions. It weights 226 kg (500 lbs).

The Speedster is actually a X132 Hellcat redesigned by Pierre Terblanche, a South African designer which created several Ducati models, including Multistrada, ST3 and Ducati Sport 1000. He started working at Confederate since 2013 and this is its first creation, inspired by the American drag race culture.

x132 hellcat speedster (4)

As for the price, the X132 Hellcat Speedster costs 65.000$ and there will be only 65 units. So, if you want one of these bikes, you should hurry up and give 10.000$ in advance. You can find out more by visiting the Confederate website.

x132 hellcat speedster (1)






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