2016 Midual Type 1. A different boxer approach

Midual Type 1 is a piece of art prototype revealed by the French company. It will have a longitudinal boxer engine, a very stylish and high quality touch and an outrageous price: 140.000 euros (186.000 $).

Midual was founded in 1992, and the first prototype was revealed in 1999. Due to the lack of financing, the prototype had never seen the tarmac, but the French are back with a new bike. Midual Type 1 was revealed at Pebble Concours d’Elegance, according to blog.motorcycle.com

midual type 1 (1)

It has a 1036 cc flat twin engine which is put in the frame in an „opposite direction“. One of the cylinders is pointed toward the front wheel, while the another one is pointing up the tail. With this architecture, the engine must be liquid cooled and it develops 106 hp at 8.000 rpm and 74 ft-lb. of torque.

midual type 1 (7)

The frame is made from aluminium alloy and also houses the fuel tank which embodies a lot o analog gauges.

Midual Type 1 is an exclusive motorcycle, built with a great detail attention and high end materials. The first bike will go on sale in 2016 for a huge amount of money. It will cost 140.000 euros (186.000$) and only 35 units will be built.

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