2015 BMW S 1000 X seen in traffic. Best photo yet

BMW S 1000 X was seen on the streets in Munich, Germany. The photo reveals us many details about the bike.

First of all, it seems that BMW S 1000 X will not have asymmetric headlights, a well-known BMW Motorrad Trademark. Moreover, it will be a direct rival to Ducati Multistada, sharing the same general shapes and dimensions. As for the engine, it will have the 1000 cc inline four developed for S 1000 RR. Although it will be a tall sport bike, it must suit the all rounder/sport touring class, so it will have a detuned engine which will develop less power but more torque at low revs.

BMW S 1000 X should also have the electronics found on the most BMW models: different modes, traction control, maybe ESA. As for the frame, it should be the same on S 1000 RR.

We don’t know that this is the right name. When the first spy shot came out, everybody called it S 1000 F. Meanwhile, due to some „press leaks“, it seems it could be S 1000 XF or S 1000 XR. So, for the moment, we’ll name it BMW S 1000 X.

bmw s1000x


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