Funniest motorcycle commercials. Top 10

Sometimes, the best way to sell a motorcycle is to make the rider happy. And since the TV screen doesn’t allow him to ride the bike, you must find another way.

Just like these guys did. Here’s our funniest motorcycle commercials Top 10:

10. Hamara Bajaj

It’s Indian. And usually, the Indian commercials are funny, either the creators intended to do that or not. Here’s a sample.

9. Aprilia – Get a real bike

Now, let’s get down to some serious business. Anyway, not that kind of serious you might think of. Still, this is the message Aprilia wants to send with the commercial below. Just „get a real bike“. Do we have to mention that the „bad guy“ is a Ducati Monster?

8. Harley-Davidson – Respected everywhere

How do you park a Harley-Davidson in a barn? Either way. It’s safe.

7. Indian Motorcycles – For sale

It’s been a year since Indian hit the market with it’s new Chief model. And here is the commercial, part of an aggressive campaign aimed directly at Harley-Davidson.

6. Kawasaki Ninja vs. Tractor

Kawasaki had a very interesting campaign in January 2003. The commercials were made by Aha Puter Bates Werbeagentur agency in Austria. The tagline was „Fuck you, Kawasaki is back“. In this is one of the commercials.

5. Aprilia – Sperm bank

How sexy can a motorcycle be?

4. Harley-Davidson – Respect

Another piece of „Respect“ made by Harley-Davidson. Better than the first one.

3. Kawasaki ZX-12R vs. Porsche

What happens when you put a superbike next to a car. No matter what car it is.

2. Suzuki GSX-R1000

0-200 km/h in 7,2 seconds. How can you say it in a funny way? Just like that. The same campaign includes a similar commercial with a dentist. You’ll find it on YouTube.

1. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R vs. Police

It’s part of the same campaign named „Fuck you! Kawasaki is back“. It’s a classic already and, in our opinion, it’s the funniest motorcycle commercial ever.

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