Husqvarna to unveil a street bike

Husqvarna will unveil a new model. This time, a street bike with a „big-capacity single cylinder“. Besides that, there will be two other concept bikes at EICMA – Milan.

Husqvarna didn’t say anything clear in the press release. The KTM owned brand just talks about the „big single-cylinder engine“, „commitment to street based motorsport“, „heritage“ and „premium characteristics while maintaining Swedish tendency towards functional design“. The latter sound like an Ikea commercial.

Anyway, forget about these marketing stories. The new Husqwarna motorcycle could be a production version of Husqvarna 701, the concept presented last year at EICMA. Husqwarna was saying last year that the concept shows the base line of the new production models.


Husqvarna 701 has a 690 cc KTM single-cylinder engine which makes 75 horsepower. It also has a steel trellis frame, and WP suspension system.

So, this might be the new street bike announced by Husqvarna. As for the other two concept bikes, we have no idea.

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