Suzuki GSX-S1000 2015. A naked Gixxer

Suzuki GSX-S1000 2015 is a roadster unveiled this autumn at Intermot. It is based on GSX-R1000 and comes with a full-faired version.

Suzuki tries to fight with motorcycles like BMW S 1000 R and Kawasaki Z1000. So, they dropped off the GSX-R1000 fairings and built a streetfighter. The engine comes from K7 model (2005-2007) but has some revised elements for better street performance. Among them, the pistons. This could be translated this way: GSX-S1000 doesn’t have the same power as the superbike but the torque is accessible at lower revs. Suzuki didn’t reveal the performance figures yet, but we think the new streetfighter should make around 140 horsepower.


Suzuki says that GSX-S1000 is a sporty roadster, especially built for city streets and curvy roads. And if you would also want some elements protection, there is also a faired version – GSX-S1000. But we talked generic nolvadex good about it in a different article.

Let’s get back to the naked. Suzuki GSX-S1000 2015 has a three-levels traction control with sensors that scan the bike 250 times/second. So, as soon as you lose the grip, the central unit should cut the throttle. Mode 1 is a sporty mode, Mode 3 is for wet tarmac, and Mode 2 is somewhere between them. The system can also be switched off.


GSX-S1000 has a different chassis and a lighter frame compared to GSX-R1000. It shares the same aluminium swinging arm.

The seat height is 815 mm, the front suspension is fully adjustable and the Brembo brakes come directly from GSX-R1000. It has ABS as an option. We don’t know yet the power, weight and price. It will probably cost around 11.000 euros in Europe (14.000$).

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