Suzuki GSX-S1000F. Faired streetfighter

Suzuki GSX-S1000F is a streetfighter with fairings. No, it’s not a superbike.

Usually, a streetfighter is a naked and detuned superbike, ready for street use. Generally speaking. Well, Suzuki took a superbike – the wellknown GSX-R1000 – and turned it into a streetfighter – the GSX-S1000. After that, they put some other buy generic cialis in canada fairings on the streetfighter and got a powerful naked with elements protection.


Besides the fairings, there is no change. The same K7 engine, the same traction control, the same frame. More details, on the GSX-S1000 article. As for the design, here are the official pictures.

Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-1-800x369 Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-2-800x533 Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-3-800x532 Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-4-800x533 Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-6-399x600 Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-8-800x533 Suzuki-GSX-S1000F-2015-9

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