Yamaha R1 2015 & R1M 2015. First look & Photogallery

Yamaha R1 2015 was unveiled at EICMA – Milan Show. The new superbike is completely different from the old one. The inline four engine makes 200 hp and the motorcycle has a 199 kg weight. Moreover, Yamaha presented a special edition called R1M.

The new models were unveiled on Monday in Milan. The new Yamaha R1 was introduced by Valentino Rossi, which also participated last year in the development process of the bike. Rossi says the new Yamaha R1 is a totally different bike with MotoGP inspired feeling and technologies. The engine has titanium components and the exhaust is made from the same light material. The frame is made from alluminium and features a magnesium subframe.

As for the electronics, the new Yamaha R1 will have a thing called 3D moving sensor, lift control, slide control and more similar settings. We don’t know yet the whole package but we’ll have an update soon.

Yamaha R1M

When everybody thought that the party was over, Jorge Lorenzo showed up on a different bike: Yamaha R1M. In fact, just a different version, a more radical one, with carbon fiber fairing and semi-active suspension system. Moreover, Yamaha R1 will have a Bluetooth system through which you can upload some particular settings and download telemetry data.

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This is all we have for now, but we’ll be back soon with the complete techspecs.


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