Alpinestars Tech Air crash test. Video

Alpinestars shows us a crash test of its Tech Air jacket. Convincing enough?

The speed of the motorcycle in the crash test was 48 km/h. The speed of crash detection: 59 miliseconds. The airbag inflation speed: 25 miliseconds, according to

According to Alpinestars, Tech Air is the first independent airbag jacket. It doesn’t need any sensor to deploy when a crash occurs. This means you could use it anywhere, anytime, on any motorcycle. A similar airbag system was developed with Dainese alongside Ducati, but the jacket has a wireless connection with a Multistrada motorcycle and this is the only way it could work.

Alpinestars Tech Air will be available for street use and will protect the back, the chest, the collarbone area and the kidneys. It will be launched in spring 2015, but we don’t have the price. Anyway, it won’t be cheap at all.

Now let’s watch the demonstration. Which is not the best if you want to promote an airbag motorcycle jacket.


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