Stuart Easton wins MacauGP 2014

Stuart Easton wins, for the fourth time, the Macau GP race. But the most spectacular battle was for second, where Michael Rutter and Martin Jessop fought until the last minute of the race.

Michael Rutter and Martin Jessop passed each other, in the same circuit segment, in every lap at the end of the race. It was a great battle in a circuit where is very hard to overtake. The duel was won by Michael Rutter (42), one of the most experienced riders at Macau GP (8 victories).

Moreover, Rutter tried to grab the first position, but Easton had a great rhythm and was unbeatable.

John McGuinnes, the star of the Isle of Man TT, finished on 7, while Ian Hutchinson was out due to some problems at the beginning of the race, when he missed the first corner.


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