Honda CB125F. 51 km/litre fuel economy

Honda CB125F is a low weight naked (as you already figured it out) with a 125 cc engine capable of 10 horsepower. But the really outstanding feature of this motorcycle is the fuel economy. You can run 51 km with a litre of petrol.

Or, you’ll have a 2l/100 km fuel consumption. Say it as you wish. That means the 13 litre fuel tank should give you a… 660 km range. Just like a R 1200 GS Adventure.

honda cb125f (1)

Honda CB125F is an entry level motorcycle suited for city commuting. The air cooled single cylinder engine makes 10 horsepower and it’s not as cool as Yamaha MT-125. But probably it’s cheaper, which is very buy klonopin online us important at this class.

Of course, Honda CB125F 2015 is not a really new model. The first one came out in 1969 and stayed on the market until 1985. This time, we have a new design, based on CB500 and CB650F. Honda says it has a „streetfighter attitude“. We’re not sure about that…

It has steel tubular frame, 18’’ wheels and the seat height is 775 mm. As for the brakes, while the front has a disc, the rear brake is based on a drum. Remember the 70s? We don’t know the price yet, but Honda says it is very competitive.

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