Akrapovic reveals Full Moon Concept

Akrapovic, the well-known exhaust system manufacturer, unveiled a concept motorcycle at a Custom Bike Show in Germany. It’s called Full Moon and it’s a very weird creature.

This is what happens when the exhaust manufacturers start making motorcycle. Akrapovic Full Moon is a custom bike project designed with Dreamachine Motorcycle. It has a huge 30 inches front wheel which makes the large V-Twin feel very small.


In fact, the wheel inspired the name of the project – Full buy clonazepam visa Moon. It is made of aluminium and carbon and has a EBR-style disc brake. We don’t know what will happen if you take this Akrapovic bike out in a windy day.

As for the engine, it’s a 1524 cc S&S Knucklehead. Of course, the two exhausts are made by Akrapovic. Overall it has a starship look and maybe it should feature in the next Star Wars movie.

Akrapovic-Full-Moon-Concept-02 Akrapovic-Full-Moon-Concept-05 Akrapovic-Full-Moon-Concept-07120814-akrapovic-full-moon-concept-04

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