Kawasaki Ninja H2. Drag race killer

Kawasaki gave Rickey Gadson a Ninja H2, and he took it to do what he does best. He customized it for straight line racing.

It’s not a surprising move at all, since Ninja H2 has a supercharged engine. The most important change that was made by Gadson, a drag racing champion, was the huge swingarm made by Adams Performance. Rear Wheel is made of carbon fiber and the economy performed alongside swingarm weights 5 kg. The bike has a custom rear bumper and an air shifter, or at least cheap ativan no script that’s what Kawasaki’s official press release says.

We observe that, among other things, it has a different exhaust from the stock option and carbon fiber wings replacing the mirrors.


What did Gadson managed to do with the bike? 8.213 seconds and 267 km/h on the quarter mile. He said that for a cold December day it was a very good performance.

Looking through the archives, we found a shooting that was taken in 2012, with Gadson riding a ZZR 1400 turbocharged, just in terms of comparison.

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