Best motorcycles for short riders

When choosing a motorcycle, the size really matters. Especially if you are not very tall or if you’re a beginner, a girl, or a beginner girl. Mainly at the traffic light stops.

A motorcycle’s seat height is the distance between the lowest part of the saddle to the ground. It’s specified in mm/ft. ant it is measured with the bike upright and not on a stand. The seat height is influenced by the type of the motorcycle. A low seat does not necessarily mean a comfortable position. For example, the choopers/cruisers are too heavy for a beginner and although they have a low seat, it’s usually too wide, the footpegs are very far away.

The opposite are the off-road motorcycles. Even if the seat is very height, it is also narrow enough to easily put the feet on the ground (if you reach it). Even for an experienced rider, a Dakar motorcycle’s seat height is intimidating.

The suspension lowering for a getting closer to the ground is not recommended. The ground clearance difference modifies the motorcycle geometry which means worst handling on curves, a stressed suspension, a different wheel travel and a different suspension behavior. So, it would be better to buy some Prince-styled boots than to modify your motorcycle’s suspension.

If you are a beginner, not so tall, or a lady, you could feel comfortable on one of these motorcycles:

A 500 cc second hand

If you’re on a low budget, you’re not willing to show off and you don’t want to cry if you’ll have a small crash, then a second hand 500 cc bike should be very good. These bikes are a bargain, they are very reliable, with low fuel consumption and cheap spare parts. Honda CB 500, Suzuki GS 500 or Kawasaki ER-5 are very good and „die hard“.


A 300 cc sport bike

Yamaha R3 is a small sport bike with a „wow factor“. The seat height is only 780 mm, it has 169 kg and a 4 l/100 km fuel consumption. It’s also fitted with ABS. Not only it makes you feel familiar on a sport bike, but it’s very fun to ride. Another good bike in this class is Kawasaki Ninja 300.


Middleweight naked

Suzuki Gladius 650 is an underrated motorcycle. It disappeared for a period from Suzuki lineup but now is back with the same attractive specifications. It is a very good companion for the beginners and for the ladies, but it’s also good for more experienced riders. If you want a more stylish bike, you can go for a Ducati Monster, which also comes with low seat and a V-Twin engine.


Some adventure motorcycles

If you wish to enter the trendy „adventure club“ and have no money or stance for a liter bike, there are some model than can fit you very good.


The standard seat has 800 mm, but with a low suspension option you can be at 770 mm above the ground. It’s a single cylinder, so you won’t be able to ride at high speeds but you’ll have a 3-4 l/100 km fuel consumption.


Honda NC750X is another interesting option, with a lowered gravity center due to the engine position and the low fuel tank. With the right tires, it can even go off road. It even has la small „beak“, „compulsory“ for any adventure bike.


A more expensive alternative is BMW F 700 GS, which has a 800 cc twin cylinder engine and the seat could be lowered to 765 mm.


Kawasaki Vulcan S. It’s not a real cruiser, and makes it’s way somewhere between the two worlds: the naked bike planet and the cruiser world. It has a 705 mm seat and weights 225 kg. It is based on the ER-6n naked, so it should have a street bike air and road handling which could be annoying to the cruiser culture aficionados.


If you want a Harley, then you should know that the Milwaukee company just launched Sportster 883 SuperLow which has a 650 mm seat.


Classic bikes

A classic bike will never get old and the modern technology makes them easy to handle and reliable. There is nothing fancier these days than riding a vintage bike. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is very light for a shaft-driven motorcycle, it has a 22 l fuel tank and a 780 mm seat version. You can also go for its main rivals: Triumph Bonneville and Kawasaki W800.


Ride it before you buy it

The bike that can fit every rider was not invented yet. So, before making any decision, you should ride the bike to see if you like it. Mainly because the safety and comfort feelings depend on every person.



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  1. Keeps going on and on about short Ladies. I don’t see an article about bikes for lanky men who have to stand on their tippitoes woah!!!!

  2. May I ask why the Gixxer, with a seat height of 780mm, was not included in the list? I was thinking of purchasing it, but I was wondering if my height of 5ft 3in is enough to ride it comfortably.

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