LiveMap smart helmet to enter production. Russian HUD offensive

The LiveMap high-tech motorcycle helmet will enter production. It will be available soon on the American market.

The head-up display is the next big thing in the motorcycle helmet industry. More and more companies are developing similar products, which use the head-up display technique to show the rider a gps map on the visor, telemetry data or to allow him to answer the phone.


LiveMap is one of the projects that will become reality and will enter production. The Russian company who created LiveMap imagined the prototype a few years ago, and received 300.000 $ from the Russian authorities to start production.

Although it has a processor, two batteries, two speakers, a microphone, a light sensor and a gyroscope, the helmet weights only 1.400 g due to its carbon fiber shell. The base price is 2.000 $, but it’s available for 1.500 $ if you pre-order it.


Considering both the price and the characteristics, LiveMap will be a direct competitor to Skully, another successful similar project that already entered production.

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