Isle of Man TT goes global. Six rounds tournament across the world

Isle of Man TT could act as an international racing brand, with different races across the globe and one final round on the isle. This could happen from 2017 on.

After some discussions, the Isle of Man TT officials agreed that the brand is strong enough to support a Tourist Trophy tournament. In order to do this, they are looking for a promoter (a kind of Dorna in MotoGP) which should act as a manager of the events and handle the commercial rights, according to MCN.

The initial plan indicates 3-5 races which should begin in the autumn and continue during the cold buy xanax no prescription online season in the southern hemisphere. Then, the final and most anticipated stage will be scheduled on Isle of Man at the same date.

The circuits will be found by the promoter and it’s hard to believe that they will respect the Isle of Man TT specific. The races will take place during weekends and the distance will be shorter.

The first test stages are scheduled for the 2016 autumn, and in 2017-2018 we should have a TT tournament on the go.

Which circuits could be selected for the TT, according to MCN:

  • Macau, China
  • Pattya, Thailand
  • Bathust, Australia
  • San Luis, Argentina
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Isle of Man






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