Nand Logic smart helmet – an intelligent helmet you can afford

Nand Logic seems to be smarter and way cheaper than other smart helmets on the market. It can do anything you want and costs less than 500$.

Nand Logic motorcycle helmet was presented at CES Las Vegas and looks smarter than Skully AR-1, which is considered to be the most successful smart motorcycle helmet.

Nand Logic operates on a multicore technology and it has an accelerometer, a gyroscope, an exterior light sensor, Bluetooth, GPS, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, LED lights, two HD video cameras which can record on an integrated SD card, a microphone and some speaker. All of these are fitted in this single motorcycle helmet.


The two cameras mounted on Nand Logic helmet are guiding an object tracking algorithm which monitors the traffic. If the „brain“ is considering that an imminent impact is coming, it starts to ring in your head and a little LED flashes.

Using the GPS, the accelerometer and the gyroscope, this smart motorcycle helmet can accurately spot your position in a 3D space. This feature starts the flashing lights on the helmet according to the move you make: change direction signal or brake signal.

The Nand Logic helmet has also an exterior light sensor, as we said. This one is responsible for turning on the LED lights on the helmet during the night.


Do you think this is enough? Not for this helmet. It also has a heat and humidity sensor which can activate a fan when the outside temperature is too high. Besides that, the exterior microphone acts as a sensor that can turn off the music in your helmet if there are police sirens outside.

The best part is that this motorcycle helmet will cost about 5000$ and will be on sale during this summer. That’s three times cheaper than Skully, which costs about 1.500. The only aspect we are curious about is the weight of the helmet and the safety test. And that’s because we shouldn’t forget the main purpose of a motorcycle helmet: to keep you safe.

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