Yamaha VMax Carbon 2015. The Dark Night Emerges on its 30th year anniversary

The Yamaha VMax Carbon comes with a new appearance in 2015 with a new aggressive darkened look and with what Yamaha claims to be a more rigid frame and a bit more power for an awesome road experience.

The VMax is around for ages. Since Fred Flintstone was a young lad and although it had some additions and improvements over the years, this bad boy still has the same ferocious pedigree that fans love so much.

max carbon

In fact, Yamaha claims to develop a maximum torque of 166.8 Nm @ 6,500 rpm with is more close to a small truck then a normal motorcycle. But then again the VMax is not your average motorcycle, now is it? Other figures are like 147.2 kW (200PS) at 9,000 buy xanax united states rpm, a 1,679cc monster of a motor and a compression ratio of 11.3 : 1. The weight appears to be as the normal version with is about 310Kg. So it’s a pretty heavy beast and dropping it on a side will demand some manly force to put this baby on her feet again.

2015-yamaha-vmax-carbon (4)

The new Carbon looks blends beautifully with the VMax’s mile away recognizable shape and this angry muscle bike really has no issue with turning heads when you are on your way to the madman’s paradise.

With this latest anniversary model, the New VMax 2015 continues the aggressive tradition of the muscle bike and proves that the Yamaha still has the ability to impress even when changes are subtle.

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