Ride motorcycle race game to be out soon

Milestone studio’s Ride motorbike game will be launched next month and it will be playable starting March 20 according to the Italian developers. It will be available on almost every popular platform at the moment like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox1, Sony’s Play Station 3 and Play Station 4, PC and will also be found on Steam.

So beware motorcycle fans with a geeky approach as the environment will be set on the British country side of North Wales. One of Ride’s main features according to Milestone includes a spectacular mode where you can pause and take pictures of the beautiful British Country Side for a more authentic experience. We think though, this mode will be most effective on a high end PC.

Other key features from Ride include three visual field modes:

Helmet Cam for the more experienced of the bunch.

Free Camera for a more classical riding experience.

Third Person Camera, the most common of them all for racing games. This is also the mode where you can see the most visual effects out of the three.

Ride will offer around 100 motorcycle models from four different categories to choose from, like Super-bikes, Super-sports, Naked, and Historical Bikes. The last one really seems exciting as there were not many games in the past that allowed this option. Also, according to Milestone, Ride will let you customize your machine as you please so from our point of view it gets bonus points for diversity. All this along with a large number of circuits to keep an intense experience for a longer period.

To be noted that Ride will be available for pre order and if you chose to do so until the release date, you will get one of two exclusive Yamaha DLC packs as such:

  • YAMAHA 2015 BIKE MODELS: YZF-R1, YZF-R1M, YZF-R6 2015 models
  • YAMAHA HISTORICAL BIKES: YZF-R7(1998), YZF-R1(2002), YZF-R1(1998)

So motorcycle fans around the world, put your virtual riding gear and wait for (the) Ride!


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