Separate ways for British Moto GP and Donington


Earlier today, the Board Directors of Donington Park Racing Limited announced that the race track will not host the British Moto GP in August 2015 as they failed to reach a financial agreement with the Circuit of Wales Company, and its new subsidiary GP15 Limited.

Sad news for the British Moto GP fans everywhere as a statement was released on Wednesday by Donington Park saying that

,, The Circuit of Wales company, and its new subsidiary GP15 Limited, have as yet been unable to complete their agreement with DPRL [Donington Park], nor meet long-planned payment deadlines, in order to set in motion the operation of the 2015 British Motorcycle Grand Prix, MotoGP at Donington Park.’’

The same statement continued to add that the situation at 10th February 2015 is very clear and despite Despite DPRL’s best efforts, the FIM MotoGP World Championship will not be held at Donington Park on August 30th 2015.

The fans that brought tickets for the race will however be refunded and there is no danger of losing their money because of the upcoming events.

Also the managing director of Donington Park, Christopher Tate, said: “The whole Donington team who have worked so hard here over the past six months to fulfil our part of the MotoGP planning are as disappointed as those many fans will be who wanted to see the event return to Donington Park.

The half full side of the glass is that Silverstone appears to have the gods on its side so British Moto GP fans will have the opportunity to enjoy the show as the Silverstone Race Track is the only UK venue capable of holding this year’s event.

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