Rumored MV Agusta F4 RC Photos on the loose

Some curious pictures representing the MV Agusta F4 RC are on the loose on the Internet at the moment. This is just a few months after the Agusta recognized the existence of this track devouring beast.

But is it really a track only machine? The picture came with a small description, saying the bike develops 212hp that is two ponies more than the official statements of the Italian bike manufacturer. The weigh is estimated at 175kg dry so until now, nothing unusual from a tool designed mainly for the track. Other information say that the new F4 RC will have new cylinder head, a new camshaft, bigger fuel injectors, lighter pistons, and titanium connecting rods. Also the Termignoni exhaust and Brembo brakes make a perfect match with the golden Öhlins shocks. Beautiful.

Looking closer at the rear end it can also be observed the aggressive position of the single seat, really intuitive designed so your bum would cope with the linear brutal acceleration. Speaking of the rear end there is another surprising detail regarding the MV Agusta 4 RC. It can be easily observed that the model from the photo is equipped with…foot pegs for the pillion.  This can mean either the bike is designed as a two seater either the photos are fake. Just look at the new Honda Africa Twin designs and pictured that were invading the internet years before the official presentation. If the pictures are somehow real then where is the pillion seat and where are the F4 RC’s mirrors?
Whatever will be the outcome, one thing is for sure. This Italian stallion will not be for everybody. At an estimated selling price of €36,900 the MV Agusta F4 RC will be a beautiful dream for many of us.

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