Indian Chief Dark Horse 2016 unveiled

Indian Motorcycle company have unveiled their newest member of the family, the 2016 Chief Dark Horse. And dark it is, as this powerful daemon comes with a blackened mate approach, built on the same platform as the original Chief that got so much attention and appreciation in the motorcycle world.


The engine is the same Thunder Stroke 111, a true piece of engineering that with its 138Nm at 3000 RPM will guaranteed pun a smile on your face. The bake will come with ABS, a key-less ignition, electronic cruise control, and will benefit of a two-year buy ambien prescription online unlimited mileage warranty.

The Chief Dark Horse will be equipped with a solo seat as standard and aims at a more minimalist looking profile. The chrome is all gone out the window and it was replaced by a black mate paint that blends perfectly with the art deco unique stilling that Indian is so proud of. The Indian Chief Dark Horse will come with a price tag of $16.999 and most likely you may enjoy it on the road somewhere in the second half of this year.

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