Triumph to release the Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition in April

The Triumph Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition is about to hit the roads in just over one month and will be produced only in  very small numbers. Up to 50 motorbikes to be more precise.

It looks like this special edition of the well-known and appreciated big trail bike from Triumph will be available under two paint schemes: matt black or matt blazing orange. The bikes themselves have an eye catching appeal but it looks like the Tiger Explorer XC SE will be fitted with some additional goodies as well. As standard, they will be shipped with a sat nav, tank pad panniers, radiator guards, headlight protectors, a taller screen for better wind protection and front foot rests. All this with Triumph’s ride by wire control , switchable buy nolvadex gyno ABS, traction control and cruise control. If you are still not convinced, we remind you of the reliable and punchy 1215cc -137bhp inline three power plant that is more than enough to take you, your old lady and your house pets all the way to Nepal without complaining.


Don’t get us wrong, the Triumph Explorer XC Special is no luxury liner. It’s a tough as nails beast ready to take whatever you may throw at it. Maybe this is why Triumph with the Tiger Explorer XC Special pays a small tribute to the motorcycle expedition enthusiasts from Globebusters.

If you want one, you will have to pay around £13,999. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a Tiger Explorer XC Special Edition that is.


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