Yamaha restarts shipping of the TMAX in the United States

Yamaha has announced that the TMAX will be available again in the Unites States after a pause of more than six year. This is good news for Yamaha as this big class scout is more used to the tightly roads from Paris and Lisbon than the large highways and roads from the States.

But big roads demand big engines and the Yamaha is now pedal bike. In fact it’s so agile that some people take it to the track every now and then.


The power is yours!

Having some racing pedigree in the 530cc parallel twin engine, you won’t feel left behind on the TMAX. Torque wise, Yamaha claims a 52.3 Nm. In fact, the TMAX is so well designed that bigger motorcycles will have a run for their money against it. Other sporty touches include an inverted front fork, radially mounted brake calipers and an aluminum built buy klonopin online cod frame. Being a big class scouter, no clutch will be found on-board of the TMAX. But don’t let this fool you. Once you get used to the automatic gearbox, you will fill find everything pretty natural.

A gentleman’s ride?

So who is it for? One thing is for sure. Besides putting a smile on your face, the TMAX really looks apart. With its new LED lights, elegant design and beautifully sculpted dashboard, the Yamaha can be also a luxurious item. In fact, you can wear a suit and a tie just as well as a leather jacket on it without being pointed at. Comfort is also top notch.

The pricing of the Yamaha TMAX will be set for $10,490 and will be available at the end of February. It’s not quite a cheap bike but it’s on par with other rivals out there in the same class.


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