Royal Enfield about to open a factory in the UK

The Indian based motorcycle manufacturer is about to open a new plant in Leicestershire, UK. In short, it looks like Royal Enfield will be British again and this thing will fill with joy the hearts of the passionate Enfield riders.

Royal Enfield has big plans for the upcoming years and it looks like ,,Think Big’’ could be a perfect motto for them. Royal Enfield is looking to spend around £52milions on expanding its business. This includes a new factory in Chennai India and a new smaller satellite plant in the UK.

Chief Executive buy xanax in mexico Siddhartha Lal stated: Royal Enfield continues to grow at a phenomenal pace and this year we have achieved our best ever sales of over 300,000 units. In 2015, we plan to manufacture 450,000 units.

We don’t know yet if the UK based factory will host a full assembly line or will only take care of smaller motorcycle parts. One thing is certain. Royal Enfield has higher demands than ever and with a rare direct competition they seem to be in a league of their own.

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