World’s best motorcycle rallies

They’re big and they’re famous. Motorbike rallies are around since the first bicycle got its first engine and nowadays, people around the world that share the same passion regularly meet for a good dose of ,,anarchy’’. If you are in to partying, this is a small checklist you may want to throw an eye on.



 Frank Jones leads

In the second weekend of May Thundersprint takes place as a two day event in  United Kingdom. This rally gathers around 145.000 visitors annually and it’s real Meka for motorcycle fans in the Europe. Thundersprint focuses on sprint races for classic motorcycle but lately there is an increase of modern bikes in the event. The scale it’s so large, it pumps around £7 million in to the local economy. After several

Bulldog Bash


The first edition of the Bulldog Bash motorcycle rally started in 1987 and was organized by the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. If you are vising UK in mid-August, you may want to check this out as it gathers annually around 50000. For four days, motorcycles and rock music go hand in hand to set for a one of a kind atmosphere. From custom bikes to long distance motorcycle, the Bulldog Bash has it all! Definitely a must see! Rock n roll!

The Elephant Rally


If the image of chrome hurts your eyes, this motorcycle rally has a unique approach when it comes to gatherings. Known also as Elefantentreffen, this meeting is held in February between the towns of Thurmansbang and Solla  in Germany. It first started in 1956 as a meeting for winter-resilient drivers of the Zundapp KS 601. The KS 601 (the “Green buy xanax bars online no prescription elephant”) gave its name to the meeting. No hotels here, as tents are the base for accommodation, often hidden in the deep snow. It also looks like a Mad Max fun club. Side Cars and skis are on a daily basis. If you have a more adventurous side and don’t mind the cold, just hop on your bike(or trike), grab a bottle if whiskey and enjoy the ride.

European Bike Week


Held in Austria , The European Bike Week gathers fans around the world every year. Harley Davidson is the name of the game and if you are in to Harleys and customs, this is the thing for you. Around 100000 people attend the rally every year. With concerts, beer souvenir shops, custom bike shows and pretty ladies everywhere, this is truly one of the biggest events in Europe. Don’t forget your sun glasses as you might have some problems after so much blink.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally


The first edition of Sturgis was held in 1938. Since then it has become one of the biggest rallies in the world. Being a small town in South Dakota, we recon an income of around 800 million dollars is not such a bad thing. Many bike builders unveil their latest creations here. Also, if you find on your way to Sturgis, you may also visit some picturesque places like the famous Rushmore Mountain. Riders of all ages around the world give it a special feel that make Sturgis on of the best and largest rallies in the world. From early Indian motorcycles to the latest technological marvels, this rally has it all.

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