Harley Davidson Live Wire goes global

After the United States, it has come the turn of Europe, Asia and Canada to experience the Live Wire Project. This suggests that Harley are very serious about the outcome of their electric motorcycle development and this is a big clue that we may see this project in production in the following years. As a starting point, the Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit will be full of press and customers from February 25th up until to March 4. This way, Harley Davidson hopes to get a good feedback about their electric motorcycle. After this event, the tour will then move to another eight countries around Europe and North America.



Many purists may not be enthusiastic about the LiveWire but it looks like Harley must have done something right as their first electric motorcycle will go international for testing. Love it, or hate it, Harley Davidson was criticized many times by the non HOG riders for the lack of innovation and technology on their bikes and for their traditional approach on their models. With Project LiveWire, things are about to change dramatically.

Mark-Hans Richer, the chief marketing officer from HD said that ,,the first phase of the Project LiveWire Experience tour provided valuable feedback about the features and experience riders expect from an electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle.’’ He also stated that HD will bring the tour to a global scale this year to gain even deeper insights from riders to help us shape the future direction of this exciting technology.


Some thing never change

As Harley Davidson motorcycles have a trademark sound signature, it looks like the Project LiveWire will also have a distinctive sound bringing the motorcycle more close to a jet engine sound. Also the design of the bike is really nice for an electric powered vehicle. It somehow resembles is some areas with the never dying Sportster model.

We salute this daring move done by Harley Davidson and we hope that we can see this motorcycle in production as soon as possible. Only then we can tell if they placed their bets right.

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