Piaggio to recall 2008 to 2011 models

It looks like Piaggio is recalling around 2,613 scooters for fuel pump problems. This issue is also affecting the Vespa brand as several models suffered from the same defective pump.

This basically manifest by the swelling of the impeller in the fuel pump. As a result this can cause engine stalling or engine starting and restarting problems.

The models that have been recalled are as such:

2009-2010 Piaggio BV250

2010 Piaggio BV350

2009-2010 Piaggio MP3 250

2008-2010 Vespa GTS 250

2010-2011 Vespa GTS 300

2008-2010 Vespa GTS Super 250

2010-2011 Vespa GTS Super 300

2008-2010 Vespa GTV 250

2010-2011 Vespa GTV 300

2011 Vespa LX 150

2011 Vespa LXV 150

2011 Vespa S 150

After several notifications and investigations, in September2014 the Italian manufacturer decided to call back the affected Piaggio and Vespa models. The fuel pumps not working in the normal parameters will be replaced with new ones, Piaggio claimed. It’s good that customer care is something you can rely on for Vespa and Piaggio as many manufacturers worldwide decide to name their bugs as features sadly.

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