Getting your bike ready for the new season – Tips and Tricks

With spring around the corner, many people pull out their bikes that have been stored for winter. If you don’t live in climate where you don’t need to mind the snow and salt on the road, you may want to set up you motorcycle for the approaching season. Taking care of your motorcycle means the bike will take care of you.

Oil check                     

The engine is the heart of the motorcycle and good quality oil will keep the bike up and running for many thousands of miles. If the bike was stored for a long period of time, it is indicated that you change the oil. As temperatures in Europe are not very high, you may want to use lower density oil. In the summer time when the asphalt melts, the oil can be changed with a denser one.

Chain maintenance

Clean your chain properly with a cleaning brush and a special cleaning spray. Make sure all dust and other dirt is removed properly. Also, when applying chain lube, make sure all rings are covered. Check the tensioning and adjust it accordingly to the manual. A loose chain can snap easier and has a shorter life. Sprockets need a close inspection as well. It is recommended that both sprockets and chain to be replaced together.



Clean your disk brakes with a dry cloth or a special cleaning solution. Check your brake pads condition. If the brake fluid is old, it may need replacement. Good working brakes are the number one safety when riding, especially if the bike is pushed hard.


After a long period of storage it is highly buy xanax florida recommended to check the tire pressure. Also, remember the DOT of the tires. As rubber gets older and older, it gets harder and the grip is starting to decrease. To be kept in mind that as the temperatures are pretty low this time of year, and even with a good set tires, grip can be lost easily.


Levers and cables

Check the play from the clutch and brake levers. Lubrication is also recommended.

Air Filter

Check the condition of the air filter! If it is full of dust and other debris, The filter most likely needs to be changed. Some of them can be washed with a special air filter washing solution and clean water.

Battery and electric system

Check the voltage in your battery! If the power is all gone, it can be easily recharged with a normal and cheap battery charger. Some batteries are going to be completely dead after a cold winter so if recharging is not possible, a spare one is always handy. Many modern motorcycles, after pulling the batteries lose all their settings so this is another thing that might be taken in to consideration.



This is something many riders don’t seem to mind but most manufactures point that a complete service of the front end needs to be done within an interval of miles. From 12 to 20 thousand, depending on the type of motorcycle and the type of riding. If this has not been done yet, it may need attention.

Don’t forget adequate riding gear! As temperatures are around 10 degrees Celsius, you may want to put an extra warm cloth!




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