Harley Davidson Dream Job

Harley Davidson has announced the start of Discover More 2015 in Europe. After the 2014 Edition, when several lucky riders have experienced one of the best riding experiences in their life, the 2015 edition comes with a new approach. This time only one lucky biker will be chosen to represent the Harley Davison Brand in Europe.

The perfect candidate will be granted with a brand new Harley Davidson and with the chance to set the ride of his life. Also a 25.000 euros pay check will be awarded. Sounds good? It is! In addition, the rider will have the chance to keep to motorcycle after the trip is finished. All expenses will be ensured by HD as well.

In exchange, the lucky biker will have to document the trip on a personal blog and other social media channels. A filming crew will assist the rider and will film the adventure. It is estimated that the entire trip will take around two months to complete.

All candidates must have a valid passport and a three years riding experience. Also, fluency in English is a must!

If you think you have what it takes, you can apply at: www.h-d.com/riderwanted


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