AGV LCD visor. Sun, moon, same visor

Every biker would like a visor both suitable for sunny days and nighttime. And some of the motorcycle helmets manufacturers found a solution for this wish.

AGV is the second helmet brand after Bell who creates a visor both for day and night. It is based on LCD technology and just by pressing a button you can make the visor dark. Press it back and the helmet visor becomes clear. At the same time, it has an anti-fogging technology. The visor will be fitted on model such as Pista, Corsa and GT Veloce.

According to AGV, the visor has a battery which can be charged via USB and lasts 12 hours in dark mode and 50 hours in clear mode. The battery can be charged in two hours. It will cost about 200 euros in Europe but we don’t know yet the price for USA.



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