Aprilia presents the new RS-GP MotoGP motorcycle

The MotoGP RS-GP 2015 has been unveiled by Aprilia today in the companion Alvaro Bautista and Marco Melandri. This way Aprilia sets the start of returning to the big league.


It’s Italian, it’s fast and it means business. Both pilots heavily tested the motorcycle in order to get used to Aprilia’s precision tool. If Bautista felt more like home and shown good results on the Sepang tests, Melandri had some difficulties and struggled. Melandri finished with the poorest where can i buy xanax online legally time at the tests from all riders. Bautista stated that the RS-GP, although new, has a good balance with its dynamics. Also Aprilia has put an accent on the software and electronics development in order to squeeze the best performance out of the bike.

As Qatar Grand Prix is approaching fast, Aprilia needs to find a perfect formula to put Bautista and Melandri up with the big boys. We wish them luck!

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