Kawasaki Ninja H2 Top Speed

The Kawasaki Ninja H2 has been tested like hell on the Losail track in Qatar. And MCN published a delighting photograph with the recorded speed of the H2r. One can only imagine how is to be on top the supercharged angry Ninja.


It’s been some time since the launch of the H2R and H2 and people are talking about it like crazy. Many people asked themselves if the new supercharged Ninjas will be fast enough, with the H2 being a bit on the heavy side. The photograph published by Motorcycle News shows how capable this Japanese Katana sword really is. With a recorded top speed of 357km/h we think it’s pretty much…insanely fast. The H2 being ,,only” 200 bhp and having a road legal appeal the star of  show remains the track version H2R with the outstanding 326 bhp. And with the recent news from Kawasaki about their future supercharged bikes, we can only see a bright green future for them.

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