Yamaha reveals the curious √ ‘Root’ – VIDEO

Yamaha just published a video of its new √ ‘Root’ concept bike. The first shock wave comes from the odd design that, quite frankly has never been seen before. The second shock wave comes from the fact that the √ ‘Root’ was designed by Yamaha’s musical department. Yes, the exact ones that are designing pianos.

The entire project started with a stock Yamaha MT-07, a very popular mid-size naked that was received quite well by the public. The already naked bike was stripped down even more by removing of all plastic panels. Also the fuel tank was replaced with a smaller custom made one. La piece du resistance of the √ ‘Root’ is the oddly looking seat that almost resembles with an ironing table. In fact the motorcycle has the appeal of a Café Racer with a curved surface on top of it. The √ ‘Root’ is the type of bike that you either love for its challenging design or you simply find it ugly as a frog. No hard feelings there Kermit.


Yamaha stated that: ‘’By taking the meters on the instrument panel off the motorcycle rider’s view, the idea of the design is to enable him or her to be a part of the passing scenery‘’.

Whatever the explanation, we surely applaud Yamaha for getting out of the crowd with the √ ‘Root’ and we encourage other manufacturers to get involved in daring projects as well.



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