Moto Guzzi raising the bar on vintage bikes

As vintage custom bikes are more and more present in the motorcycle scene, Moto Guzzi decided to push the barrier higher and therefore the Italian manufacturer is bringing a new level of customization with the new Moto Guzzi Garage.


As the demand for custom and unique machines is getting higher and higher, Moto Guzzi Garage has come out with a big number of offers for the V7 models. Basically, the transformation process is taking place by installing a number of different kits, each one with its own approach and style.


At the moment there are four kit versions that can be installed on the Moto Guzzi V7. The Dapper, the Dark Rider, the Scrambler and the more traditional Legend. The first two concentrate on the Cafe Racer theme with low handlebars and aggressive lines. The Scrambler sticks to its name and focuses on the more practical side of things with high mounted handlebars and exhaust system.


The last version comes with a classical approach and truly deserves the Legend designation. Being presented in a mate green paint, the V7 Legend is also shown fitted with custom brown leather saddlebags and top leather tool box. All components have the same Moto Guzzi  Italian quality and can be pretty easily fitted to a stock V7.


Each kit is presented on

With this move, Moto Guzzi truly shows the passion around building the perfect vintage custom machine for every taste out there. We hope that for the future, other models like the California would also benefit from kits like these.

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