Wheelie record on ice breaks 128mph barrier

Robert Gull, a young 24 your old Swedish biker has managed to reach 128mph doing a wheelie on ice in a straight line. With his performance, Gull has also aims to enter his name in the Guinness Book.

The tool of choice for the stunt was a a BMW S1000 RR. Being used to the cold, a frozen surface felt just like a normal tarmac track for the young Swedish daredevil. Gull is no stranger of high speed Ice riding as he recently reached 200km/h on ice with a pillion!

For the 128mph buy klonopin online now record, Robert spent many hours in the garage in order to build the perfect tire for the challenge and only two tests were performed due to the bad Nordic winter.

The record was achieved on 28th of February. The entire distance for the measurement was set to 100 meters and six cameras were used to capture the moment.
After the big success, the only thing that Robert Gull needs to do is to send all the data to Guinness in order to get the record officialezed .

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