Honda reveals the CRF 250 Rally

Honda is focusing more and more on the adventure segment and after the True Adventure, the Japanese manufacturer is about to release a second dirty bike in the form of the Honda CRF 250 Rally.

Although is only a concept bike, the 250 Rally resembles with the bigger Dakar CRF450 rally. The baby adventure will be launched at the Osaka motorcycle show in Japan and most likely will be one of the start of its class. We assume that the 250 Rally will have serious off road capabilities along with a bigger tank for longer rides. Also, the seat looks to be a bit more comfortable in comparison with traditional enduro bikes.


One thing is certain. The CRF250 rally will not have benefit from the top of the range components as its bigger brother, the Dakar CRf 450 Rally. But knowing Honda’s history in the adventure market, the CRF 250 promises to be one of a kind. You are in to getting lost in long canion roads or remote forest tracks, the CRF 250 Rally may catch your attention. We hope that we can see it in production as soon as possible.

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